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This news will surprise around nobody with a Facebook account: A new study located that people who upload continuous exercise updates to the social network are absolute narcissists. That includes humblebraggers grumbling concerning their 5 a.m. marathon certification, yogis uploading their crow pose progress pictures (,) as well as anybody who sign in at the gym, ever.

The brand-new study was conducted by researchers at Brunel University in London, and also considers data from 555 Facebook-using individuals who responded to inquiries concerning their social media sites practices and also their individuality. It discovered that exactly what people post about on FB commonly correlates with particular personality type– and also narcissists are particularly crazy about sharing their accomplishments and achievements online. And indeed, an ‘achievement’ can consist of something as small as deciding to develop a #smoothiebowl for breakfast– as a matter of fact individuals with narcissistic possibilities were most likely to speak about their food and physical fitness routine.

‘ Narcissists additionally composed even more condition updates concerning their diet regimen and also workout regimen, suggesting that they utilize Facebook to relay the initiative they put into their physical appearance,’ the scientists composed. As well as while the research study just checked out Facebook use, we ‘d agree to wager that the very same goes for Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter users.

Researchers likewise kept in mind that individuals with low self-confidence were much more most likely to publish concerning their enchanting partners regularly on Facebook, which is also never surprising to anyone.