To sweat without sticking up the health club, search for these textiles:

COTTON: It absorbs smells and inhibits the growth of smelly bacteria.

RAYON MADE FROM BAMBOO: When sweat lingers on a fabric’s surface, odorous germs soon follow. Bamboo could absorb up to 3 times its weight in water. You do the math.

MERINO WOOL: It soaks up odor particles, so you’re much less likely to scent them.

HEMP: Antimicrobial properties of this resilient standby may help maintain gear funk-free.

Check out these new, odor-resistant workout picks:

Soft Yet Shapely: Tasc Performance Hex Racer ($ 30,
aerobic exercise

No-Smell Support: Beckons Strength Reversible Sports Bra ($ 38,
life fitness

Odor-Free Feet: Icebreaker Women’s Multisport Ultra Lite Micro Socks ($ 15,

Fresh and Stretchy: Prana Cecilia Knicker ($ 65,
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